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There’s an enduring myth in the music business that being a best-kept secret is somehow romantic. It’s rubbish – no band wants that.

Especially a band with as much to offer music fans as Dublin four-piece Pugwash.

Music fans who yearn for classic pop songwriting that’s as timeless as it’s instant will find their new favourite band on hearing songwriter Thomas Walsh (lead vocal/guitars), Tosh Flood (guitars/keyboards/backing vocals), Shaun McGee (bass/backing vocals), and Joe Fitzgerald (drums).

Andy Partridge is just one of an orchestra of admirers and collaborators – all who know what they’re talking about. Consider, for starters, Neil Hannon (The Divine Comedy), Jeff Lynne (ELO), Ray Davies (The Kinks), Jason Falkner (Jellyfish), Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys), and Ben Folds (Ben Folds).



It began in the late 1990s with Thomas Walsh, who used the Pugwash name for his first recordings. The current line-up settled before the recording of the Choice Music Prize-nominated The Olympus Sound.

Now after three American tours, where their reputation has grown more quickly than in the UK, and a new deal with Omnivore Recordings, September 2015 saw the release of the (yet again) critically acclaimed Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends). Recorded at Konk Studios (founded by the Kinks), and engineered and mixed by Guy Massey (the Beatles reissues mastering engineer), there are contributions by Ray Davies, Andy Partridge, Neil Hannon, and even a “shout” from Jeff Lynne.

Almond Tea (1999)
Almanac (June 2002)
Jollity (September 2005)
Eleven Modern Antiquities (March 2008)
The Olympus Sound (August 2011)
Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) (September 2015)

Earworm (2003)
Giddy (September 2009)
A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds (September 2014)
The earlier recordings are rarities now, changing hands online for huge amounts. The latest compilation, A Rose in a Garden of Weeds, also released by Omnivore, says it all about the band. In a music world that offers so much that’s throwaway, Pugwash songs are absolute treasures that should be heard by a much wider UK audience.