Poor Nameless Boy Plays Backstage At The Green Hotel Kinross On Thursday 29th September For Mundell Music.

Tickets £12. Buy Tickets HERE.

Reduced Accommodation Rates For The Green Hotel.

“A young man writing extremely moody, thoughtful, kind of wistful songs”

Kelley Jo Burke – CBC Radio One

As Poor Nameless Boy, Regina-based indie folk artist Joel Henderson leaves a piece of himself on stage every night he performs. His mellow sound is personal, speaking honestly about love, life, and our changing hearts in a busy world. He has been described as a lighter version of John Mayer with the wispy sounds of Gregory Alan Isakov. Listen carefully and take note of the passionate range of vocals and songs with stories, sung from the soul.

Music is in Joel’s blood – his dad toured for 18 years and his brother maintains an active presence in the Canadian country music scene, so it comes naturally to him. He has performed on CTV and Global TV, and showcased at Folk Alliance International, Canadian Country Music Week, and Sask Sampler. Large stage appearances include Ness Cress Music Festival and the Cathedral Arts Festival. He has toured and shared the stage with Danny Olliver, Eli, For Short, Megan Nash, Keiffer Mclean and many others.

Following the acclaimed release of his introspective album The Activity Book in 2013, Joel returned to the studio this past summer looking forward to a January 2016 release of Bravery.

The new 10-song album Bravery, which debuted at #2 on Canadian folk radio, focuses on the message of life and of hope. With producer Brad Prosko (B-Rad Studios) at the helm and
many talented musical friends guesting in (Tenille

Arts, Chris Henderson, Carmelle Pretzlaw and more), Bravery showcases Joel’s outstanding evolution as a songwriter and artist. You can hear every ounce of meaning and emotion

in each word and every note. From the haunting hooks of the title track, to the powerful harmonies in “Saturn”, to the

upbeat, rock-infused “River & Trees”, these songs will plant themselves in your mind and heart, and never leave.

Poor Nameless Boy Plays Kinross For Mundell Music

Poor Nameless Boy