Paul Rose Band plays Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Friday 21st September 2018 at 9.00pm for Mundell Music.

Tickets £15. Buy Tickets HERE.

Paul Rose, born in Newcastle, England in July 1966, is without doubt one of the most unique and talented guitarists in the world today. Fundamentally a rock guitarist, his extraordinary playing style touches on blues, country, jazz and folk, blended together into a style that is entirely his own. Never a gig goes by where audience members don’t comment that Paul is the best guitarist they’ve seen and heard.

The band is comprised of Mark Egan on bass, who has played for a long time in the Pat Metheny Group, as well as sessions with Sting, Mark Knopfler, Ricky Lee Jones, David Sandborn, John Scofield etc. He was a good friend of Jaco Pastorious and when Jaco died Mark was kind of the next guy in line. Revered by bass players all over the world as one of the greats. The drummer will be Karl Latham, who is in the Blues Storm video here. He did a spell with Johnny Winter and has just been in the orchestra pit on Broadway doing Hamilton, which is the most successful New York City show of all time.