There’s an ongoing debate about the introduction of Tribute Bands into our Music Programme here at Backstage! We have been booking Bands and Artists since 1999 and its incredible that we have had so many legendary figures from the Music industry over the years. We have come to a crossroads with our past philosophy of mainly booking original Bands and Artists for Backstage. As we all get older there are less and less Bands touring and this has given us a quandary.

Some of the classic Rock Bands that used to Tour do not anymore and some people have never seen these Bands and Artists. As the years go by the only way to ‘experience’ the music/legacy is to experience a Tribute. This is where you can say that you have been lucky to have seen the Bands that you saw over the years. Ticket price also comes into some of the Bands that play the Stadiums across the world. The tickets can range from £70 to £200 for a single show. This is another reason to experience a Tribute, and lets be honest with ourselves here that the Tribute market will only expand over the next few years so embrace it!!!

Mundell Music will continue to mix the Programme with Original and Tribute and we hope you will continue to support us. There again, a famous guitarist said to me a couple of years ago….’David, Aren’t all Bands Tributes now?”

Free Again