Mama Genesis Book Backstage In Kinross

Mama Genesis play Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th March 2019 at 9.00pm for EMS / Mundell Music.

Tickets £20. Buy Friday Tickets HERE.

Tickets £20. Buy Saturday Tickets HERE.

Band Announcement……..

A message from Mama, the UK’s all era Genesis tribute band:

First up, we’d like to apologise to everyone who bought a ticket for one of our March 2019 shows in Kinross. We’d like to explain why we had to cancel the shows and (good news) the reason we have put them back on our gig list. We really look forward to our shows at Backstage at The Green Hotel in Kinross because there aren’t any shows quite like them anywhere else. This was the reason we booked two weekends in 2019. David runs what we consider one of, if not the best venues in the UK, which is why we were extremely reluctant to postpone or cancel.

Until very recently, our gig list was practically set in stone. However, the musicians that make up Mama are also members of several other bands and one of those bands got an amazing opportunity to do a short tour of South America, leaving us without key members. The dates clashed with our March Kinross dates. As Mama is ultimately a semi professional show (in other words, we don’t do this Genesis thing to make money, we do it for the love of Genesis music), it seemed very unfair to our musicians to deny them a lifetime opportunity to do a South American tour. We therefore reluctantly tried to postpone the Kinross shows and when that could not be done, we had to cancel them.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and it turns out that the promoter running the South American tour has not been able to finalise the dates that clashed, which means we are once again able to run our weekend of shows in Kinross. Unfortunately for us and for David, we’d already cancelled and informed everyone who had bought a ticket, which incurred costs to the promoter, not to mention disappointment here at Mama HQ and with yourselves, the people who had already bought tickets to see our show. We’re really sorry about that. The good news however, is that we can once again put our Kinross shows back into our diary and they are again available to purchase tickets for. We have advised the South American promoter that we won’t be able to keep switching dates around, so there is no reason why these shows will now not happen.

Once again, we are sorry for cancelling our shows and sorry to the promoter (sorry David). We hope we’ve at least party addressed the disappointment to people who bought tickets, by putting the shows back on sale and we hope to see you all at our Kinross shows in March 2019 for what promises to be two nights of Genesis (two different sets, with very limited crossover). We’re excited about our new set list for 2019 because we are looking at a number of really, really old Genesis classics, that we’ve never performed before. Exciting times!

Please continue to support your local promoter (Mundell Music), his venue (The Green Hotel) and Mama, to continue promoting the music of Genesis, live on stage. We love performing our show and meeting all the like minded people who come to celebrate with us. Wishing you a happy, peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

JV, Dave, John W, James, John C and everyone at Mama HQ.


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