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Gavin Povey Plays Oswestry at Lion Quays

Gavin Povey & The Fabulous Oke She Moke She Pops

Gavin Povey plays a Live GIG near Oswestry in the Autumn 2016.

Gavin Povey & The Fabulous OKE-SHE-MOKE-SHE-POPS play Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Wednesday 26th October For Mundell Music.

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Gavin plays Piano and sings an eclectic style of Rythmn & Blues, including Boogie-Woogie, Swing, Stride, Funk and Rock & Roll. Mixed in with this elixir are hints of Jazz, Country and Blues.

Gavin has recently toured with Albert Lee and Hogan’s Heroes. He has also toured, performed and recorded with such artists as Dave Edmunds, Kirsty MacColl, Van Morrison, Dion, Kim Wilson Graham Parker, Shakin’ Stevens, Steve Cropper,

Together with


Simon Farrell, Bass; Shane Atlas, Drums;
Felim Gormley, Sax
They play songs from all eras of New Orleans style music, including their own material.

He’s played with everyone from Van to Finbar, from Steve Cropper to Shakin’ Stevens – yep, piano players don’t come much more rock’n’roll than GAVIN POVEY, who’s bringing his fabulously-named New Orleans fiends The Fabulous Oke-She-Moke-She-Pops to Kinross. Awopbopaloobop-awopbamBOOM!

How did I get into Music? Well, my father was a musician and I was sent along for piano lessons at the age of 5. I wasn’t much of a student and would always find ways to get-out of practising. However around the age of 12, I discovered rhythm & blues and particularly Elmore James, having found The Mike Vernon Show on BBC Radio 1 in the late ’60s. Although I listened to a lot of guitarists I never changed from the piano. I also discovered a lot of swing music in my Dad’s 78 record collection – one record being Boogie Woogie Man by Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons, which knocked me for six! I flirted with various bands at school, but turned pro at 16 and joined a nightclub band in Southampton playing six nights a week, five hours a night. After that I did various Palais bands (the equivalent of Show Bands, but resident), holiday camp seasons, etc.

Eventually I met up with John Moss and Lu Edmonds from the Damned, who were forming their own band. Although it was the punk era (1978), The Edge were more of a New Wave rock band. That lasted a few years, until I worked on some singles and an album with Kirsty MacColl and did a tour of Ireland in 1981. She was on Stiff Records, where I ended up playing with various artists, basically becoming a session player in London. I consequently worked with Shakin’ Stevens, Dave Edmunds, Graham Parker, Dion, and Steve Cropper, along with a load of different artists on one-off concerts and TV shows.

Since we moved to Ireland I have worked with Dolores Keane, The Wilf Brothers, Christie Hennessy, Kieran Goss, Finbar Fury, but since the demise of this fair land recently, I returned to the UK to work with Albert Lee and Hogan’s Heroes for five years, I’ve started to go out under my own name now, playing New Orleans style Rhythm & Blues.
Gavin Povey brings his New Orleans style keyboard skills to Scotland 2016.

Gavin Povey