Dona Oxford and her Band play Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross on Sat 17th February 2018 at 9.00pm for Mundell Music.

Tickets £18. Buy Tickets HERE.

Imagine Tina Turner fronting The Rolling Stones! Blues and soul whirlwind DoÒa Oxford opens her heart and soul for 2018 with a passionately charged collection of songs which pull from her myriad of influences including 60s and 70s soul, funky blues, gospel and boogie-woogie.

In the last few years since being part of guitar legend Albert Lee’s touring band, DoÒa has soared as an artist in her own right – releasing an acclaimed live album and leading her 5 piece band on tours across the UK and Europe including several high profile festival headline shows.

Rightly regarded as one of the leading rock and roll piano players, DoÒa is also a world class soul and blues singer who has played alongside artists such as Buddy Guy, Andy Fairweather Low and Chris Farlowe. She has also recorded with Roger Daltry and Van Morrison and even shared the stage with Keith Richards who was blown away by her talent.

Dona Oxford plays Kinross for Mundell Music

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