The Z Z Tops (Z Z Top Tribute)

The unique three man tribute to rock music’s best known Texan boogie band , are back to “Tear the house down !” in 2011, bringing a tour with more Tone,Taste and Tenacity than ever before. Complete with their Real Beards!, the Crazy Guitars, the moves and over 2 hours of Hot Rodded Rock ‘n’ Roll !.

All eras of ZZ Top are included in the same show, in two very individual sets
Nik Ryan (Billy Bigguns) portrays the legendary front man, Billy Gibbons,in his looks and his playing, incorporating superb tone, style and feel with a sense of humour as he rocks his way through the show, getting the crowd on their feet as well as tearin`it up!

Meanwhile, the Hillbilly Cowboy antics of Dusty Hill, on Bass guitar are faithfully reproduced
by Col Gray who nails the sound and unique vocal style of “The Dust” whilst holdin` down
the lowdown and turning every venue into one hell of a house party!

All this is backed up by Powerhouse Tub Whacking courtesy of Matt Jones (Franks Weird) taking on the role of Frank Beard (The Man With no beard !)

The “Lil `Ol Band From Devon” Tour 2011 will see the band performing in theatres, art centres ,Festivals and established rock
venues in the UK and Europe, giving fans of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to experience the bands entertaining, authentic and dynamic full on ZZ Top show.
Packing the classics like ‘Gimmee All your Lovin, Sharp Dressed Man, Legs, Tush , LaGrange , Rough Boy and many more into a 2 hour plus rock extravaganza and throwing in a few surprises for hardcore (and not so hardcore) fans to savour !

As any ZZ fan will tell you, there is only one ZZ Top. And as any ZZ TOPS fan will tell you,
there is only one complete ZZ TOP show – and thats THE ZZ TOPS !!
Nik Ryan (Rev Billy Bigguns) – Vocals /Fuzzy Guitar
Col Gray (Dusty Thrills) – Vocals /Bass Guitar
Matt Jones (Franks Weird) – Drums

“Closest I’ve Seen” Billy F Gibbons Z Z Top