The Lindisfarne Story

Ray Laidlaw
As a founder member of Lindisfarne, Ray was right in the middle of it… even before the band had been thought of. As a young lad with a drum kit and dreams of rock and roll, he set about hooking up with like-minded pals, setting him firmly on a course that would see him achieve success in a band with a #1 album, and a varied life in the music business. Thankfully, he kept all the best bits in a diary: and there’s a lot of them, which came in very handy when THE LINDISFARNE STORY was first mooted…

Billy Mitchell
Like Ray, Billy was also there when it all began. Close friends since the early days of Rock’n’Roll, Billy has never been far from the Lindisfarne action. When the band split temporarily in 1973, he teamed up with founder members Ray, Rod Clements and Si Cowe to form much-missed folk-rockers Jack the Lad. He eventually joined the band at the third time of asking in 1996, fronting the band until it split in 2003. His experience as both an outsider and insider gives a warm, unique perspective to THE LINDISFARNE STORY.

RAY LAIDLAW and BILLY MITCHELL present a  joyful, funny & emotional celebration of Tyneside’s favourite band, featuring acoustic performances of LADY ELEANOR, MEET ME ON THE CORNER, FOG ON THE TYNE, RUN FOR HOME and more!

When Alan Hull, Rod Clements, Ray Jackson, Simon Cowe & Ray Laidlaw exploded onto the UK music scene in 1970, their sparkling songwriting quickly established the band as the standard-bearers for acoustic-based rock, cutting through the prevailing pop and glam sounds of the 70’s.

International success followed, and thanks to a string of unforgettable songs including Lady Eleanor, Meet Me On the Corner, Fog On the Tyne and Run For Home, Lindisfarne’s music continues to be heard on the radio today.

In this unique show, Ray & Billy perform all those great songs and more, and share first-hand the story of the band behind them…