David Wright & Carys

David Wright & Carys started performing together in 2012; composing music that would later appear on the album ‘Beyond the Airwaves Vol 2’. Their first collaborative album, ‘Prophecy’, described as; “A journey from the ocean to the stars”, was released in 2017, followed by the iTunes single, ‘Call to Me’, and a series of successful European concerts.

Both artists have strong credentials. David Wright is a veteran of the electronic music scene with over 50 albums released since the late 1980’s that display a wide range of influences. Wright peppers his impressionistic compositions with rock, classical and world flavours, resulting in a diverse range of moods that have been favourably compared to Mike Oldfield, Kitaro, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream.

Carys is an established singer/songwriter on the UK acoustic scene with an
enthusiastic and evocative

stage presence. She displays a natural charm that has won her many admirers, not just within the folk/rock scene, but also far beyond it. Her debut album, ‘A Different Kind Of Normal’, is a successful fusion of folk, rock and electronica.

Together, David Wright & Carys combine to create beautiful musical soundscapes that are both emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating; melodic and thematic music that tells a story, with or without words.

They merge the layered, otherworldly voice of Carys with David’ssynths and rhythms in an original and captivating style that has been described as “Vangelis meets Enya”.