David Latto Band
“I was born between two bridges” sings David Latto in honey-soaked tones on ‘Rollin’ On’. Those bridges aren’t in Madison County nor are they spanning rivers outside Nashville but no matter. Wherever they are it’s the quality of his achingly beautiful songwriting that soothes and knows no borders.
The bridges and the barley fields mentioned in that song are, in fact, located in Fife, Scotland where he grew up and where he has assembled a fine band, recorded four CDs, garnered awards and radio plays here, there and probably close to where you are too.
He’s won over fans and festival goers the hard way: one by one, gaining a devoted following. Touring Europe with North Carolina legend Phil Lee led to a mutual admiration and now it can be heard on David’s cover of Phil’s ‘We Cannot Be Friends Anymore’ on the new EP ‘Here Today, Ghost Tomorrow’ released April 2014.