Carol Laula

Carol Laula has been dear to Glasgow’s heart ever since her song ‘Standing Proud’ was picked as the anthem for its year as European City of Culture in 1990. Her eight albums to date have continued to showcase Laula’s vibrant voice and soulful folk-pop songwriting, interwoven with strands of country and blues. “Laula deals with strength in adversity on a personalised but universal level” (Q)

2016 herald’s the release of Laula’s latest offering – The Bones of It! Recorded at The Barne Studios, Laula works closely with her long time friend and colleague Marco Rea; he produces, engineers and plays on the record, along with many others, including Ken McCluskey (The McCluskey Brothers & The Bluebells) And Davie Scott (The Pearlfishers). This lush recording continues to explore, life, love and loss to the full; she shares maturity of voice and writing to the full – “Carol Laula, once again shares her incredible gift through song. Why is it incredible? Because it will strike a cord in your heart; take a listen to it and tell me if I am wrong” – Fred Migliore – FM Odyssey Radio

Her live performances are warm, embracing, intimate and engaging; an immersive experience to be shared by everyone in the audience and on stage!