Bob Cheevers


Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings have recorded his songs. When he died, Elvis had a song of Bob’s on his “to do” list. Having written over 3,000 songs with some of them on TV and in movies, Bob has toured Europe relentlessly the past 13 years doing 30-60 concerts per tour and has been a music biz professional since the late 60’s during his top-40-charting pop career in LA, being the voice on the TV theme “Love American Style” and having played gigs in just about every state in the US.

In addition to his 1999 “Gettysburg To Graceland” CD being Americana top 20, one of the results of that record was the opening spot on what was to be Johnny Cash’s final tour. Bob grew up in Memphis and got a soul full of music not only from the icons of his youth such as Elvis and Johnny Cash but also from his mother who was a radio star in the 20’s-30’s during the big band era. ! Having spent 16 years as a journeyman writer in Nashville’s music scene, he now lives in Austin fine tuning his musical voice spinning rootsy, blues-flavored tales of life in a conversational language of the heart. An Emmy winning songwriter, Kerrville and Napa Valley festival winner with 10 commercial CDs two of which were Euro top 10 and 2010 release “Tall Texas Tales”, was US Americana #28. His most recent CD, ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is a double-dose of amazing.