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Saturday 30 June 2012 - Comedy Nights! - Bruce Fummey, Mikey Adams hosted by Susan Morrison

Comedy Nights! - Bruce Fummey, Mikey Adams hosted by Susan MorrisonVenue: Green Hotel

Bruce Fummey

The son of a Scottish mother and Ghanaian father, Bruce has the reputation of being the finest comedian on the Afro Celtic comedy circuit!!! Informed by his multicultural background and his obvious girth, Bruce has been making people laugh since an early age. This man is going to be huge! 

He has a cheeky and vivacious comedy style which has been appreciated by comedy audiences in the UK and internationally.



simply and purely hilarious. His research is deep, his timing spitsecond and his ad-lib ability amazing.

…has a sharp stand-up brain.

                                                                Daily Record

Thumpingly well-delivered.


‘… easy delivery and original material …’

                                                                Edinburgh Evening News

Bruce Fummey had the audience belly laughing in seconds.

                                                                Herald & Post


Three Weeks

A natural storyteller…a joyous way to spend an hour.


Mikey Adams


Mikey started stand up in 2008. An unplanned 5 minute spot at The Stand's acclaimed Red Raw night garnered him his first press quote and led to gig after gig.

His progression as a performer led to him being much sought after as a support act for several festival solo shows including supporting Mark Nelson, Gary Little and The How Do I Get Up There sketch troupe at their three separate hour long shows during the Glasgow Comedy Festival 2009 and also supporting The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III throughout his tour of the Scottish Highlands.


'Very very funny' List

'Impeccable, warm delivery' Evening News


'Introducing Michael ‘Mikey’ Adams, a young Glaswegian with surely a great future ahead of him. I had only seen him once before and was impressed, and following his all to brief set this time I really want to see more. Adams has stage presence a plenty, an excellent delivery and a whole raft of funny material. The whole crowd were with him I felt as he ramped up the level of expectation.' one4review


Compere - Susan Morrison


Don't be fooled by the diminutive frame. Within this pint-sized exterior lies a talent so huge that it can barely be contained. Susan Morrison is a comedy volcano, erupting with an endless flow of scorching hot gags, spewing forth at a blistering pace.


Whether performing her own solo act or hostingThe Stand's big weekend gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Susan is in a class of her own when it comes to quick-fire wit. A forty-something mother of two, Susan mixes real-life experiences, topical observations, audience interaction and Glasgow style storytelling to spellbinding effect. Presenting her own perspective on life, motherhood, shopping and shipping, Susan's broad appeal transcends the sexes and unites audiences in hysterical laughter.


Susan's former experience as a marketing foot soldier in a telecoms firm makes her a natural choice for corporate gigs. And with her quick-thinking, fast-talking, no nonsense approach on all manner of subjects - from showbiz trivia to political hot potatoes - Susan is natural on radio and TV. She is frequent contributor to BBC Radio Scotland and a regular on The Fred MacAulayShow as well as spending two years as a co-presenter on Talk 107's The Morning Show for two years. She has presented radio documentaries on subjects as diverse as the history of toilets (On The Throne) and the positive effects of laughter (Laughter - the Best Medicine) as well as fronting Grampian TV's Where's Your Head At? 


Having headlined clubs throughout Scotland and northern England - from Chester to Carlisle - Susan launched herself onto the Edinburgh Fringe with her own show in 2001, My Life With The Titanic. A self-confessed obsessive, her love of the famously doomed ocean liner translated into a huge critical success and audience hit. No less impressive was her trawl through Edinburgh's murky past with her 2002 solo Fringe show, Auld Reekie's Oxters. It's no mean feat to raise laughs out of such hopelessly lost causes. But that's Susan Morrison for you - never taking the easy route, but always reaching the most hilarious destinations.


Susan has used her energetic brand of comedy to good effect as warm-up artist for a succession of BBC TV recordings and her sharp, cutting satire in the popular live topical comedy show, A Kick Up The Tabloids. Susan has also wowed the audiences in major festivals including key appearances at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival and regularly hosting Best of Scottish at the Edinburgh Fringe. A big, big talent in an unfeasibly small frame.





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